What does your clothing style talk about yourself?
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What does your clothing style talk about yourself?

No woman likes to have a few shorts, dresses, jeans, shoes, or tops. That is why we provide a wide assortment of OPTIONS. We offer numerous brands, design styles, colors, and more varieties.


What does this mean for you? If you want something to wear to the office, we've got your back. If you want something to wear to a party, we also have your back. If you wish for casual wear to put on during your vacation, we have that one for you too.


Our women's shoe collection is nothing but dazzling. You will get brands such as Valeria, Milu, Petite, Quad, Prada, and others. The Fontana has been made with leather on its upper part for DURABILITY, and its sole is rubber to enhance COMFORT. Whether you like tall or shorter heels, you can choose from its 10 and 5 cm heel options. 


You will not believe the quality of the boots you will get from Local Buzz Online.  


  • They are made of synthetic fibers for durability
  • They have rubber soles for comfort
  • They come in winter and fall categories


"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is instant language."

- Miuccia Prada


How do you present yourself to the world without a handbag that matches your fashion sense? Regardless of the occasion, a STYLISH handbag will do all the talking for you. Choose from our wide collection of luxury and budget handbags. What do you want from a handbag?


  • Versatility so that you can use it on many occasions
  • Multiple compartments for enough storage
  • Leather materials for durability


Is this what we offer? Check our HANDBAGS and find out!


"That is the key of this collection, being yourself. Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live."

- Gianni Versace


How do you want to express yourself? Are you looking for SIMPLICITY? Is it ELEGANCE? Do you want to be reserved and BOLD at the same time? You don't get to be all these unless it is with your dressing. Our dresses, tops, leggings, and jeans will let you express yourself where words would hold less significance. 


If you work out regularly, we also have you in mind. Our stunning collection of fitness leggings has EXCITING pieces that will make your time in the gym comfortable and more enjoyable. Here is what you will get from our collection of fitness pants:


  • Breathability, which means that the leggings will enable the sweat to evaporate without you and the pants getting wet. The technology behind the clothing enables sweat to reach the clothing's exterior so that it can evaporate, allowing you to remain dry. The fabric also allows air to flow in to ensure you are cool.
  • Delicate Fabric. They are soft and stretchy to ensure your workout routine is seamless and not hindered by your apparel. If you are doing yoga or pilates, you can stretch your joints and muscles without the clothes hindering you.
  • Excellent fit. Baggy clothes can be very inconveniencing during a workout. You constantly worry about your pants sagging during a routine. But that's not something to worry about when you have our workout leggings. They fit your body perfectly from your legs to your hips and waistline. 
  • Stylish. You are working out because you want to feel nice about your physical appearance. We understand this, and that is why our workout clothes are stylish. You will feel good even before you lose that pound of body weight.


How do you like your lingerie? Let me guess: SEXY, FITTING, and COMFORTABLE. Nothing is worse than sexy lingerie that feels uncomfortable. It beats the purpose of the apparel. When you buy lingerie, be sure that it matches your body. Here is how you can choose one for your body type:


  • If your figure is the stereotypical 36-24-36, be sure to put on lingerie that makes your body standout. Some good choices include corsets, teddies, and garter belts. It is also suitable for a thong with a lace bra or a high-leg panty.
  • In the case of a triangle body, you need to make your body more proportionate and balanced. A good option is a lacy negligee that stretches at the breasts and flows down around the hips. 
  • There are also options for you if your body is athletic; a rectangular body. Corsets will work well for you because they cinch at the waist. When it comes to a long torso, dress it with a teddy or a garter belt. Make your breasts more pronounced with a bustier lingerie or a push-up bra.
  • If you have broad shoulders, you can go for halter necks. In case your bum is flatter, you can opt for a teddy. Another great option is a thong or a lace panty. Also, try matching cami sets.
  • In the case of a rounded body, one with a rounded waist, and wider torso and upper body than hips, you require lingerie that makes your body appear proportionate. You would look good in a teddy or a negligee. 


Whether you want to complete a fashion look or get yourself warm, we have a jacket for you. For a weekend casual jacket, you can get a denim blue crop jacket. It is a regular fit and has no pattern if you like plain jackets. If you want something to keep you warm, you can go for a stripped grey hoodie. Its fabric stretches, and its sleeves are long. In summary, you can get any hoodie, jacket, or sweater you want. 


Jackets, fitness leggings, handbags, jeans, and tops are not the only items you will get under the women's collections. Scarves, for instance, can be a great fashion statement. They can keep you warm and also complement your outfit. You can also get shorts which you can wear on a hot summer or indoors for more comfortable clothing. You don't want to struggle with jeans as you watch movies on your couch during the weekend! If going to the beach is a big part of your life or vacations, then our bikinis will serve you well. And don't forget to check for panties and even makeup kits. 


Getting a versatile online shop can be a challenge, especially with thousands of e-commerce stores popping up on your browser. You will find many that sell shoes only, others that sell lingerie, and some that sell tops. In case you are lucky, you will find one that sells all the clothes, but the price is unaffordable. Other times, you will find stores that sell variety, but the quality is poor. That is where we come in. We want you to find any clothing you want at the price that is most affordable to you. Our shop gets you a variety of women's clothes and shoes because we understand that ladies like variety. You want one thing today, but before checking out, you want another.


Local Buzz Online ensures that you can get the garment you want according to your budget. And keep in mind that quality is our motto. There is something for everybody. Happy shopping!

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