The Best Jordans
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The Best Jordans



Every year new releases of Air Jordan push the boundaries of epic style, comfort, and design. Shoes for every occasion you can imagine; from athletics to soccer, sportswear has become a crucible for the fires of excellence. Not only do they look good, but they’re also durable, taking a lot more of your physical activity to wear them out. Jordan’s collection introduces new entries every time, bringing changes from minor details to entire redesigns aimed at improving every new release. Nevertheless, they have become a demonstration of creativity, art, comfort, and style. They also embody sportsmanship as a culture anyone can belong to, and here are some of the most wanted releases on everyone’s watch list this year.


1 Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott “Cactus Jack”

This stylish entry to the Jordan Franchise pays homage to lead rap artist and record label owner, Travis Scott. Cactus Jack, a record label owned by Travis, features distinctively on the design of the shoes. They retail for $1,500 but are on sale for $849 USD. The suede upper part is a warm sky blue running across the span of the shoes from heel to toe. Soft red lining cushions the ankles, and a tough black rubber outsole runs along the bottom. Inspiration for the colors was drawn from Travis’ favorite football team, the Houston Oilers, who wore the iconic colors during their best campaigns. The Cactus Jack trademark feature on the back of the left sneaker and the right insole as well. The sides of the ankles and the front of the laces have breathable air units to keep your feet cool and ventilated. The back of these sneakers is sturdy enough to support sudden twists and turns, reducing the risk of ankle injuries. Despite the simple look, the Cactus Jack makes up in comfort and style what it lacks in dashing appearances.

Reasons to Buy

Comfortable and stylish


2 Jordan 1 Retro High Shattered Backboard 3

Adding to the colorful line of Backboards, Jordan introduced the Shattered Backboard 3 to the market on October 26th, 2019. These normally retail for $1,500 but are on sale for $849 USD. The sneakers tower at the back, with ankle level about halfway across its height. A black leather strip arches across the back of the heel, joining the two patches of black crinkled patent leather. Orange leather coats the rest of the upper shoe, with the crinkles on the black parts giving it the unmistakable appearance of shattered glass. The colors are inspired by the orange and black jersey Michael Jordan wore when he shattered a backboard in Italy way back in 1986. The mid and outsole are colored light-yellow vanilla to complete the look. One interesting feature of the crinkled leather outlook is it looks different depending on the lighting around it, appearing glossy in low glare sunlight or dim indoor light.  The Backboard 3 represents the unstoppable force behind mastery. You definitely feel taller in one of these, like walking on the shoulders of giants.  

Reasons to Buy

Stylish appearance of shuttered glass
Crinkled leather outlook that changes appearance with lighting


3 Nike Airmax 1 Atmos Animal Pack

Japanese masters Atmos pair up with Nike Air Max on these spectacular new sneakers. These cool pair is fitted with different animal prints overlaid by the signature Nike “Just Do It” swoosh. The prints are manufactured from horsehair and feature black laces with white rubber soles. Black studs line the bottom of the white sole to complete the look. First off, one pair comes in a deadly tiger print with blue swooshes. Another one comes as a lovely giraffe print with green swooshes. Finally, a pair of sneaky leopard skin print strides along with orange swooshes. The laces are done in a simple flat style, primarily in black but also available in red, white, and green. The sneaker insoles are soft and white, with the Nike branding done in red. This unique brand embodies the spirit of adventure and outdoor exploration at its core. Its inspiration was drawn from animals in the wild when Atmos CEO was on the expedition. Upon their release date on March 10th, it was retailing at USD $160. They have increased in price at a whopping $850 but are on sale for $549 USD. The fabric material is innovative and celebrates the different aspects of our ecosystems. If you are an outdoors thrill seeker or just into wildlife, maybe you should try this one for size.

Reasons to Buy

Stylish animal prints
Soft insole


4 Jordan 1 Retro High Obsidian UNC

Released on August 31st 2019, these sneakers started retailing at USD $120. Due to their popularity they have increased in price to $499 but are on sale for $399 USD. Its official colorway is Sail on the sides and front, Obsidian around the laces and the front tips, and finally University Blue around the back and ankles. The base material of the shoe is white sail leather, which is soft and comfortable. Perforations on the front upper face just below the laces allow for ventilation too. A navy-blue leather swoosh overlays the sail leather on the outer side of the shoe. The midsole is made of white rubber, and the bottom is navy-blue rubber designed with the Nike swoosh in the middle and circular track patterns on the forefoot. The overall build is very impressive, especially how stable it is on the ground. Since it is not a limited edition or a designer collaboration release, it will likely pass as a favorite on everyone’s list.

Reasons to Buy

Great ventilation
Soft and comfortable
Sturdy on the ground


5 Jordan 6 Retro Travis Scott

Travis Scott breaks the wall with another brilliant sneaker Collab of 2019 with the Air Jordan 6 Retro. It was released on September 14th, retailing at USD $250. Their retail price has increased to $1,399 but are on sale for only $749 USD. The upper part is primarily soft, olive green suede material. However, the tongue is made of durable canvas and sports a button clasp mechanism on the side of a mini pocket placed on the out-foot. This is quite useful for storing cash, keys, or anything that fits really. The midsole is made of black rubber and wraps around the white leather outsole on the front and back. The Cactus Jack smiley face is neatly hidden under the lace shroud, while the logo stands boldly at the rear of the right foot. The Nike Air logo with the swoosh is embroidered in red on the left foot. At the bottom of the white leather sole is the Jordan logo with hands outstretched for a slam dunk. The extra perk is the glow in the dark effect on the bottom and side sole. This Jordan 6 exclusive Travis Scott release is definitely outstanding to rock because it offers more functionality and aesthetics than the typical Jordan sneakers.

Reasons to Buy

Has a mini pocket
Highly durable
Glows in the dark
Great aesthetics


6 Jordan 6 Retro PSG

This Jordan release comes as a collaboration with Paris Saint Germain in 2018. The sneakers launched on August 10th, with a selling retail valued at USD $225. They have increased in price at a whopping $499 but are on sale for just $299 USD. The official colorway is Iron Grey Black and Infrared 23. The Air Jordan 6 design is impressive, especially the rubber pull tabs on the tongue, pulling it up, so wearing the shoes is easier. The grey and black overlay blend so well, making the color mix pretty badass. The Jordan jump man logo sticks squarely inside the Paris Saint Germain logo at the back. The plastic lace locks and Jordan logo on the lace shroud are colored Infrared 23, matching with the official Infrared hue on the PSG jerseys and socks. The insole is made of black padded material. The outsole is made of smoke grey rubber, sporting the jump man logo in Infrared. These kicks make for great stylish sportswear.

Reasons to Buy

Impressive and stylish design
Matching official Infrared hue on the PSG jerseys and socks
Has a rubber pull tab for easier wearing
Badass color mix


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